our Values

Environmental protection Customer rights observation Mutual trust with employees and stakeholders Obey professional & ethical principles Commitment to quality services Loyalty to our human resources Social responsibility


To supply affordable and high quality health products with international standards To educate and develop our human resources To develop, manufacture, an provide high-tech pharmaceutical and medical products in order to improve the general health of society To have a competitive advantage in pharmaceutical products and medical devices, with an aim to present in international markets To invest in new value-creating and high-tech business in the field of health To comprehensively deploy our corporate governance strategy

Major Goals

Improving corporate governance in the holding Promotion of economic and financial indicators Improving the quality and efficiency of our product portfolio Increasing and improving the market share, penetration, and position of the holding in international, regional, and domestic marketsIncreasing the share of investment in technological and efficient projects, utilizing internal and external resources Promotion of human resources and intellectual assets Promotion oforganizational culture and efficiency Increasing the trust, consent, and support of stakeholders

Our principles

Our goals are always to improve the health of patients and to add value for our stakeholders and our business. We are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and our products across their lifecycle. We pledge to act with integrity, honesty, and comprising fairness. We focus on diversity, innovation, commitment, and teamwork as a core value in our day to day activities. Our people are our greatest asset and are driven by passion to learn and contribute more, therefore we are committed to creating a work environment that provides opportunities for our people to reach their full potential Management Statemen Rose med Group utilizes a public collaborative, smart management system. As a result, the holding’s management is undertaken within all approved local and international regulations. Following corporate sovereignty principles, the holding is governed with constant supervision, collaborative decision making using information systems, integrated management, expertise, experience, speed, accuracy, and transparency.


By adopting a development policies andentering into new pharmaceutical fields in the world, Rose Teb Group, as one of the biggest pharmaceuticals holding companies in Iran, has always employed skilled experts modern sciences and the pharmaceutical scholars to advance its vision and mission. In addition, the company has taken an effective step forward by establishing modern management systems in the organization in order to tap into the talents and creativity of its human resources and administrators that are undoubtedly the most valuable assets of any successful firm.