Noosh Teb Parsian

 is exclusively authorized to represent and import  of API-NUTRAFX- MUSCLE GOLD products.

Product categories:Food for sport Dietary Supplements

Noosh Teb Parsian started up in 2008 as a group of specialists in  SPORT & FOOD supplement and expanded to the field of life science  medical related products such as blood bags and hospital  equipments. The shareholders of the company have been in this  business for many years.

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Noosh Teb are a leading sports nutrition brand,delivering a range of quality products including proteinpowder, vitamins and minerals, high-protein foods,snack alternatives, and performance clothing.
Every day we work to inspire people of all ages andgenders to believe in their fitness potential, then fuelthem to achieve it. Noosh Teb is a private joint Venture Company has beenestablished to supply the increasing Iranian market demandsfor sport food supplement .The Products Noosh Teb is offering are stand out from that ofthe competition. Noosh Teb customers seek the said productsas it provides them with a point of differentiation to highquality products. In the last 10 years demands for the said products has beenexceeded the amount Noosh Teb able to import legally withprovisional import permit and therefore forced to refuserequests for larger shipment due documentation deficiency .

Executive Summary

Establishing and maintaining working relationships andcontractual exclusive agreements with UK brands.
Having the brand registered with the Ministry of Commerceand Health Department.
Bringing the new brands to maximum sales within threeyears of operation.
Increasing the profit margin with the use of technologicallyimproved new products.
Effectively communicating to current and potentialcustomers, through targeted efforts,, offering competitiveprices and hence our position as a differentiated provider ofthe highest quality UK Sport supplement in the Iranianmarket by organizing a coding system .

Our principles

The objective of such expansion was and is optimizing the quality of life & health in Iran and today Noosh Teb is well known in the field of wellbeing. We are actually offering following services in the meantime.

Consulting Registration Marketing & Sales Investment

The commitment that we hold is to reduce our environmental impact  where possible, and are continuously looking to innovate more products  sustainably. We use recycled and biodegradable materials in our  production and aim to minimize waste across our business.

We are a business inspired by Vision, driven by Mission and underpinned by Values. We have put our  Vision, Mission and Values here for you to see, along with what they mean to our candidates, clients  and partners so that you can decide whether we are a company built of things which matter to you.


We’re here to fuel your ambition, whatever your goal. So losing weight, building muscle,
or just feelinghealthier than ever — we’ve got the supplements you need. We exist To have
the major share of themarket and become major player in this market.


Noosh Teb is passionate about fueling people’s potential regardless of gender, location or
background Values.To be recommended by all famous and experienced trainers and coach
in all sports who needs stayingpower.
Push all the fake unhealthy and overpriced products out of market and out of reach of
sportsmen.Bring profit to the beneficiaries and gain 90% of the share of the whole market in Iran.
To sponsor all sport and body building championship to promote sport and health mood in the