Meshcut Distribition

Distribution of Pharmaceutical products,Food-supplements and Medical devicesall over the country .

Our Mission & Vision

Improving distribution quality in healthcare chainDeveloping new viewpoints in pharmaceutical distribution industry
Exploitation of Proficiency, Experience, Specialty, Substructuresand Facilities in orders to Promote the Company Place .

Road Map

The whole process is controlled by the Exclusive software

Our Basket

Our Emergency medications Suppliers

Meshkat Distribution Tamin  Yara Teb Khavar miane  Pouyesh Darou Gostar Fars  Darou Darman Paria

Darou Gostarane Mobin  Tachra Darou

Gostaresh Bazarganiye Darou Pakhsh

Mino Pharma

Salamat Parmoon Amin 

Sobhan Darou

Pharma Chimi  Jalinous

Sajad Darou

Arnika Salamat  Teb Mofid nikan:

(Shafayab Gostar Holding)  Zagros Darou

Tachra Pharmed

Medical Alcoholic and Disinfectants products

Kimia Alcohol Zanjan – Pars Shimi – Selmi Darou – Yas Pharmed Iranian

 – Sama Nik Gostar – Marham Sazan Sina

Meshcut Distribition

Nosh Teb Parsian (API) – Nosh Teb Parsian (NUTRAFX) – Nosh Teb Parsian (Muscle Gold – Persian Fam Sanat (XXL) – Vista Radin Apadana (Z-Konzept)  Twin Lab/Blade Sport) – Fartak Lian Pars(AMIX)